Market Update 3/11/13

March 12, 2013

From Cabot Top Ten Trader

The most bullish thing a market can do is go up, brand viagra canada and that’s buy viagra made by pflizer what this market continues to do, viagra buy now with the Dow and most other major indexes at (or close to) all-time highs. Now, we saw the usual trumpeting of the new high in the Dow low cost viagra uk viagra prescription last week by the media, and that often coincides with some choppiness in the market; then again, there’s a distinct lack of greed, with most investors still seeking safety and avoiding risk.

Bottom line, we’re keeping our Market Monitor bullish, and while a pullback is always possible, you should be looking to buy as opportunities arise.

This week’s list has a few newer names (to us) from a variety of industries, including REITs, autos, housing and media. But our favorite of the week is a recent IPO that just broke out of a beautiful

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base, has rapid sales growth and is operating in a huge market.


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